How did this happen? How did it happen so quickly? How is it possible? I am talking about how quickly time is flying. Flying. Here we are at possibly the most festive time of the year. It is certainly the time of the year with the most glorious of meals. We have Thanksgiving, Chanukah and Christmas – All accompanied with decorations and lights. Even though the days are shorter and darker, we are surrounded by gorgeous decorations and illuminations. We do many fun things here at The Mews to celebrate this time of the year. We have wonderful meals and decorate our home. We enjoy being with each other as we always do but, maybe appreciate our extended family a bit more. The wonderful gift that living here at The Mews provides is the gift of each other. We move in as strangers. No one knew anyone prior to living here. Just the fact that the meals are provided for everyone sits with one another enables residents to meet, converse and get to know each other. How quickly residents are not strangers, but friends who care about each other. The magic that happens here at The Mews is a joy to witness. It is truly our amazing residents who sell The Mews to the potential new residents. They are incredibly welcoming and warm. It has nothing to do with this time of the year-although there is surely a spirit here that is undeniable.

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