Tom’s Corner

Tom, his Wife Lee and Granddaughter EdyWell it has been over a month now I could not feel more at home! Every day I look forward to walking through these doors at the Mews and being greeted with smiles by residents and staff alike. In our December resident meeting I thanked them for their “warm welcome”. In last month’s survey 89% of the residents responded “very satisfied “with the quality of life while 91% were “very satisfied with the staff”. Over dinner, during activities in the Rock Room or Red House, or just walking through the hallways, I have had the chance to talk with the majority of our residents and staff and each and everyone has a remarkable story to relate.
I am always fascinated by the symbol of light during this season that prevails in Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, and Jewish traditions. Light represents hope. When we hear or read daily so much divisiveness and strife in the world I have to remind myself that there is far more light than dark in the world. The Mews is one of several communities that offers such hope. It is a place where one can be themselves while respecting others. With this said I look forward to 2018 and being a member of the Mews community!

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