Executive Director at the Mews in GreenwichSo much has transpired since the last Mews News! Being concerned with the widespread flu epidemic this year we took “extra” precautions starting in January with a preventa-tive measure talk presented by Sue Kordick, head of our Nursing staff, at our resident meeting in early January. Since then we have had housecleaning and even maintenance come in on the weekends (on their days off) wiping down al-most everything from door knobs to walkers! The good news is the fact that we have had no cases of the flu. Thank you staff and residents! February 8th was proclaimed by the 1st selectman of Green-wich as Dorothea Bellafiore Day in honor of her 100th Birthday. On that same day, we celebrated Mary Petrizzi’s 90th! Then a few days later, we appropriately celebrated on Valentine’s Day the Whelan’s 64th wedding anniversary! In March, we are also celebrating Marie Curreri’s 100th Birthday. These residents are truly an inspiration. As for activities, we honored the birthdays of Martin Luther King and FDR with documentaries — and in the case of Lincoln’s birthday, with a spe-cial guest whose family home was used by President Lincoln the night before he delivered the Gettysburg address. Chinese New Year’s day was celebrated with a lot of fanfare. The ground floor was decorated with Chinese lanterns and “good luck“ signs as we celebrated Chinese New Year’s with a presentation on Chinese culture followed by a Chinese meal prepared by our kitchen staff!

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