Tom’s Corner

Executive Director at the Mews in Greenwich

The Mews is undergoing a major makeover! The updated electrical, cooling, and heating systems are the largest portion of the projects and are expected to be completed by year end. Improvements to the kitchen and dining room are already  finished with a new convection oven, new flooring, new tiles, and a fresh coat of paint. Improvements have been made as well to the     common areas. We now have a new Lounge furnished with new chairs, couches, and tables. Residents had already been sitting there even     during construction. Further changes are being made in the Atrium, Rock Room, and Library furnishing each with updated chairs, couches, and new paint colors!

I want to thank the residents, staff, and family for their patience as well as cooperation this past month during the most recent phase of         renovation, especially when we needed to be out of the kitchen and  dining room, perhaps the two most essential rooms in this building! We are returning there the 4th of July! A good time to celebrate!

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