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March & April Calendar

Dress in Blue Day 3/15National Anthem Day 3/3Daylight Savings Time 3/10Johnny Appleseed Day 3/11St. Patrick’s Day 3/17April Fools Day 4/1National Walking Day 4/3National Scrabble Day 4/13Palm Sunday 4/14Good Friday 4/19Passover 4/19Easter 4/21Earth Day 4/22Arbor Day 4/26Hug a Friend Day 4/26

The National Parks, America’s Best Idea

The National Parks, America’s Best Idea Is a film series that traces the birth of the national park idea in the mid-1800s and follows its evolution for nearly 150 years. Using ar-chival photographs, first-person accounts of historical characters, personal memo-ries and analysis from more than 40 inter-views, and what Burns …